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Scholarly Papers from ISEN-sponsored Research

Yarrow Axford

Yarrow Axford; Earth and Planetary Sciences, WCAS.

"Holocene temperature history at the western Greenland Ice Sheet margin reconstructed from lake sediments", Quaternary Science Reviews, 59 (2013), 87-100. Yarrow Axford, Shanna Losee, Jason P. Briner, Donna R. Francis, Peter G. langdon, Ian R. Walker

Scott Barnett

Scott Barnett; Materials Science and Engineering, MEAS.

ISEN Final Report

"Measurement of three-dimensional microstructure in a LiCoO2 postive Electrode," J. Power Sources, 2011, 196 (7), 3443-3447, James R. Wilson, J. Scott Cronin, Scott A. Barnett, Stephen J. Harris

“High efficiency electrical energy storage using a methane-oxygen solid oxide cell,” Energy & Environmental Science, 2011, 944-951.  David M. Bierschenk, James R. Wilson JR, Scott A. Barnett

Zdenak Bazant

Zdenek Bazant; Civil and Environmental Engineering, MEAS.

ISEN Final Report

“Microplane Model for Fracturing Damage of Triaxially Braided Fiber-Polymer Composites,” Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology-Transactions of the ASME, 2011, 133 (2), article no. 021024. Ferhun C. Caner, Zdenek P. Bazant, Christian G. Hoover, Anthony M. Waas, Khaled W. Shahwan.

"Multiscale simulation of fracture of braided composites via repetitive unit cells," Engineering Fracture Mechanics, 2011, 78 (6), 901-918. Vit Smilauer, Christian G. Hoover, Zdenek P. Bazant, Ferhun C. Caner, Anthony M. Waas and Khaled W. Shahwan

Catherine Brinson

Catherine Brinson; Materials Science and Engineering, MEAS.

"Micromechanical quantification of elastic, twinning, and slip strain partitioning exhibited by polycrystalline, monoclinic nickel-titanium during large uniaxial deformations measured via in situ neruon diffraction," J. Mech. Phys. Solids, 2013, 61 (11), 2302-2330. A.P. Stebner, S.C. Vogel, R.D. Noebe, T.A. Sisneros, B. Clausen, D.W. Brown, A. Garg, L.C. Brinson. 

"Measurement of elastic constants of monoclinic nickel-titanium and validation of first principles calculations," Applied Physics Letters, 2013, 102 (21), article no. 211908. A.P. Stebner, D.W. Brown, and L.C. Brinson

"Explicit finite element implementation of an improved three dimensional constitutive model for shape memory alloys," Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics & Engineering, 2013, vol. 257, vol. 257, pgs 17-35. A.P. Stebner, L.C. Brinson

"Young's modulus evolution and texture-based elastic-inelastic strain partitioning during large uniaxial deformations of monoclinic nickel-titanium," Acta Materialia, 2013, 61, 1944-1956. A.P. Stebner, D.W. Brown, L.C. Brinson

"Neutron diffraction studies and multivariant simulations of shape memory alloys: Concurrent verification of texture development and mechanical response predictions," Acta Materialia, 2011, 59 (15), 5924-5937. Xiujie Gao, Aaron Stebner, Donald W. Brown, L. Catherine Brinson

“Neutron diffraction studies and multivariant simulations of shape memory alloys: Empirical texture development-mechanical response relations of martensitic nickel-titanium,” Acta Materialia, 2011, 59 (7), 2841-2849. Aaron Stebner, Xiujie Gao, Donald W. Brown, Catherine L. Brinson

Wei Chen

Wei Chen; Mechanical Engineering, MEAS.

“Impact of vehicle usage on consumer choice of hybrid electric vehicles,” Transportation Research Part D- Transport and Environment, 2012, 17 (3), pp. 208-214. He L, Chen W, Conzelmann G

David Chopp

David Chopp; Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics, MEAS.

"The Performance of a Microbial Fuel Cell Depends Strongly on Anode Geometry: A Multidimensional Modeling Study," Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, 2012, 74 (4), pp 834-857. Brian V. Merkey, David L. Chopp

Dick Co

Dick Co; Argonne-Northwestern Solar Energy Research Center.

"Vibrational Dynamics of a Perylene–Perylenediimide Donor–Acceptor Dyad Probed with Femtosecond Stimulated Raman Spectroscopy," J. Phys. Chem. Lett, 2012, 3 (17) 2362-2366. Kristen E. Brown, Brad S. Veldkamp, Dick T. Co, and Michael R. Wasielewski.

"Electron Transfer within Self-Assembling Cyclic Tertramers Using Chlorophyll-Based Donor-Acceptor Building Blocks," Journal American Chemical Society, 2012, 134 (9), pp 4363-4372. VL Gunderson, CH Kim, AL Smeigh, DT Co, MR Wasielewski.

Vinayak Dravid

Vinayak Dravid; Materials Science and Engineering, MEAS

"Morphology Control of Nanostructures: Na-Doped PbTe-PbS System", Nano Letters, 2012, 12 (11), 5779-84. Jiaqing He, I.D. Blum, Hui-Qiong Wang, S.N. Girard, J. Doak, Li-Dong Zhao, Jin-Cheng Zheng, G. Casillas, C. Wolverton, M. Jose-Yacaman, D.N. Seidman, M.G. Kanatzidis, V.P. Dravid.

David Dunand

David Dunand; Materials Science and Engineering, MEAS.

ISEN Project Summary

"Creep properties and precipitate evolution in Al–Li alloys microalloyed with Sc and Yb," Materials Science and Engineering A, 2012, 550, 300–311. Matthew E. Krug, David N. Seidman, David C. Dunand

“Mechanical Anisotropy of Shape-Memory NiTi with Two-Dimensional Networks of Micro-channels,” Acta Materialia, 2011, 59 (11), 4616-4630. Anselm J. Neurohr, David C. Dunand

"Titanium foams produced by solid-state replication of NaCl powders," Materials Science and Engineering: A, 2010, 528 (2), 691-697. Bing Ye, David C. Dunand

“Shape-memory NiTi with two-dimensional networks of micro-channels,” ACTA Biomaterialia, 2011, 7 (4), 1862-1872.  Anselm J. Neurohr, David C. Dunand

Donald Ellis

Don Ellis; Physics and Astronomy, WCAS; Chemistry, WCAS.

ISEN Award - Equipment Narrative Report

"Structure and properties of a model oxide-supported catalyst under redox conditions: WOx/alpha-Fe2O3 (0001)," Surface Science, 2012, 606 (17-18), 1367-1381. M.E. McBriarty, M.J. Bedzyk, D.E. Ellis

Katherine Faber

Katherine Faber; Materials Science and Engineering, MEAS.

“In situ imaging and strain determination during fracture in a SiC/SiC ceramic matrix composite,” Scripta Materialia, 2013, 69 (7), pgs. 497-500. J. Ramirez-Rico, F. Stolzenburg, J.D. Almer, J.L. Routbort, D. Singh, K.T. Faber.

Matthew Grayson

Matthew Grayson; Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MEAS.

"Thermal conductivity tensors of the cladding and active layers of antimonide infrared lasers and detectors," Opt. Mater. Express, 2013, 3 (10), 1632-1640. C. Zhoue, I. Vurgaftman, C.L. Canedy, C.S. Kim, M. Kim, W.W. Bewley, C.D. Merritt, J. Abell, J.R. Meyer, A. Hoang, A. Haddadi, M. Razeghi, M. Grayson.

"Driving Perpendicular Heat Flow: (p n)-Type Transverse Thermoelectrics for Microscale and Cryogenic Peltier Cooling," Physical Review Letters, 2013, 110, 227701. Chuanle Zhou, S. Birner, Yang Tang, K. Heinselman, and M. Grayson.

Bill Halperin

Bill Halperin; Physics, WCAS.

"Charge Induced Vortex Lattice Instability," Nature Physics, 2011, 7 (2), 125-128. A. M. Mounce1, S. Oh1, S. Mukhopadhyay1, W. P. Halperin, A. P. Reyes, P. L. Kuhns, K. Fujita, M. Ishikado and S. Uchida. Paper supported by ISEN funded work, as identified by researcher.

"Spin-density wave near the vortex cores in the high-temperature superconductor Bi2Sr2CaCu2O(8+y)," Physical Review Letters, 2011, 106 (5), article 057003. A. M. Mounce, S. Oh, S. Mukhopadhyay, W. P. Halperin, A. P. Reyes, P. L. Kuhns, K. Fujita, M. Ishikado, and S. Uchida. Paper supported by ISEN funded work, as identified by researcher.

Nikos Hardavellas

Nikos Hardavellas; Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MEAS.

"The Impact of Dynamic Directories on Multicore Interconnects", Computer, 2013, 46(10), pp. 32-39. Matthew Schuchhardt, Abhishek Das, Nikos Hardavellas, Gokhan Memik, Alok Choudhary.

David Harris

David Harris; Chemistry, WCAS.

“An Azophenine Radical-Bridged Fe2 Single-Molecule Magnet with Record Magnetic Exchange Coupling” J. Am. Chem. Soc.2013, 135, p. 16845-16848. Ie-Rang Jeon, Jesse G. Park, Dianne J. Xiao, T. David Harris.

Mark Hersam

Mark Hersam; Materials Science and Engineering, MEAS.

"Nanoscale Investigation of Solid Electrolyte Interphase Inhibition on Li-Ion Battery MnO Electrodes via Atomic Layer Deposition of Al2O3," Chem. Mater. 2014, 26, 935-940. Albert L. Lipson, Kanan Puntambekar, David J. Comstock, Xiangbo Meng, Michael L. Geier, Jeffrey W. Elam, and Mark C. Hersam.

"Improved uniformity in high-performance organic photovoltaics enabled by (3-aminopropyl) triethoxysilane cathode functionalization," Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2013, 15 (48), p. 20966-20972. Kyle AA. Luck, Tejas A. Shastry, Stephen Loser, Gabriel Ogien, Tobin J. Marks, Mark C. Hersam.

"Nanoscale In Situ Characterization of Li-ion Battery Electrochemistry Via Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy," Advanced Materials, 2011, 23 (47), 5613–5617, Albert L. Lipson, Ryan S. Ginder, Mark C. Hersam.

Zhenyu Hou

Zhenyu Hou; Electical Engineering and Computer Science, MEAS.

"Physics of elliptical reflectors at large reflection and divergence angles I: Their design for nano-photonic integrated circuits and application to low-loss low-crosstalk waveguide crossing", Optics Communications, 2013, 287 (2), 96-105, Z. Hou, X. Li, Y. Huang, S.T. Ho. Paper supported by ISEN funded work, as identified by researcher.

"Physics of elliptical reflectors at large reflection and divergence angles II: Analysis of optical beam distortions in integrated ultra-large-angle elliptical curved reflectors", Optics Communications, 2013, 287 (2), 106-116, Z. Hou, X. Li, Y. Huang, S.T. Ho. Paper supported by ISEN funded work, as identified by researcher.

Jiaxing Huang

Jiaxing Huang; Materials Science and Engineering, MEAS.

ISEN Project Summary

ISEN Final Report

"Material Processing of Chemically Modified Graphene: Some Challenges and Solutions,” Accounts of Chemical Research, 2013, 46 (10), pp. 2225-2234. Jiayan Luo, Jaemyung Kim, and Jiaxing Huang.

"Synthesis of graphene based noble metal composites for glucose biosensor," Materials Letters, 2013, 106, pp. 277-280. Hee Dong Jang, Sun Kyung Kim, Hankwon Chang, Jeong-Woo Choi, and Jiaxing Huang.

"Effect of Sheet Morphology on the Scalability of Graphene-Based Ultracapacitors," ACS Nano, 2(7), 1464-1471. Jiayan Luo, Hee Dong Jang, and Jiaxing Huang.

"One-Step Synthesis of Pt-Nanoparticles-Laden Graphene Crumples by Aerosol Spray Pyrolysis and Evaluation of Their Electrocatalytic Activity," Aerosol Science and Technology, 2013, 47 (1), pp. 93-98. Hee Dong Jang, Sun Kyung Kim, Hankwon Chang, Jeong-Woo Choi, Jiayan Luo, Jiaxing Huang. 

"Towards solution processed all-carbon solar cells: a perspective," Energy Environ. Sci., 2012, 5, 7810–7818. Vincent C. Tung, Jen-Hsien Huang, Jaemyung Kim, Alexander J. Smith, Chih-Wei Chu and Jiaxing Huang

"Crumpled Graphene-Encapsulated Si Nanoparticles for Lithium Ion Battery Anodes," J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 2012, 3, 1824−1829. Jiayan Luo, Xin Zhao, Jinsong Wu, Hee Dong Jang, Harold H. Kung, and Jiaxing Huang

"Crumpled graphene particles for microbial fuel cell electrodes," Journal of Power Sources, 208 (2012) 187-192. Li Xiao, Jacqueline Damien, Jiayan Luo, Hee Dong Jang, Jiaxing Huang, Zhen He

“Aerosol Synthesis of Cargo-Filled Graphene Nanosacks,”  Nano Letters, 2012, 12 (4), pp. 1996-2002. Yantao Chen, Fei Guo, Ashish Jachak, Sang-Pil Kim, Dibakar Datta, Jingyu Liu, Indrek Kulaots, Charles Vaslet, Hee Dong Jang, Jiaxing Huang, Agnes Kane, Vivek B. Shenoy, and Robert H. Hurt

"Graphene Oxide:Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube-Based Interfacial Layer for All-Solution-Processed Multijunction Solar Cells in Both Regular and Inverted Geometries," Adv. Energy Materials, 2012, 2 (3), pp 299-303. Vincent C. Tung, Jaemyung Kim, and Jiaxing Huang. Featured as an AEM frontispiece in the Mar 2012 journal.

"Water Processable Graphene Oxide: Single Walled Carbon Nanotube Composite as Anode Modifier for Polymer Solar Cells," Adv. Energy Materials, 2011, 1 (6), 1052-1057. Jaemyung Kim, Vincent C. Tung, and Jiaxing Huang   Featured as an AEM frontispiece in the Nov 2011 journal.

"Sticky Interconnect for Solution-Processed Tandem Solar Cells," J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2011, 133 (24), 9262-9265. Vincent C. Tung, Jaemyung Kim, Laura J. Cote, and Jiaxing Huang (highlighted in NanoWerk in June 2011, here)

“Graphene oxide as surfactant sheets,” Pure and Applied Chemistry, 2011, 83, 95-110. Laura J. Cote, Jaemyung Kim, Vincent C. Tung, Jiayan Luo, Franklin Kim, Jiaxing Huang

"Surfactant-Free Water-Processable Photoconductive All-Carbon Composite," J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2011, 133 (13), 4940-4947. Vincent C. Tung, Jen-Hsien Huang, Ian Tevis, Franklin Kim, Jaemyung Kim, Chih-Wei Chu, Samuel I. Stupp, and Jiaxing Huang  (highlighted in Chemical and Engineering News in March 2011, here)

“Graphene Oxide Sheets at Interfaces,” Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2010, 132, 8180-8186. Jaemyung Kim, Laura J. Cote, Franklin Kim Wa Yuan, Kenneth R. Shull, Jiaxing Huang

”Graphene Oxide Nanocolloids,” Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2010, 132, 17667-17669. Jiayan Luo, Laura J. Cote, Vincent C. Tung, Alvin T. L. Tan, Philip E. Goins, Jingsong Wu, Jiaxing Huang

“Seeing graphene-based sheets,” Materials Today, 2010, 13, 28-38.  Jaemyung Kim, Franklin Kim, Jiaxing Huang

"Self-propagating Domino-Like Reactions in Oxidized Graphite," Advanced Functional Materials, 2010, 20 (17), 2867-2873.  Franklin Kim, Jiayan Luo, Rodolfo Cruz-Silva, Laura J. Cote, Kwonnam Sohn and Jiaxing Huang

"Patterned Growth of Vertically Aligned Organic Nanowire Waveguide Arrays,” ACS Nano, 2010, 1630-1636. Yong Sheng Zhao, Peng Zhan, Jaemyung Kim, Cheng Sun, Jiaxing Huang

"Visualizing Graphene Based Sheets by Fluorescence Quenching Microscopy," Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2010, 132, 260-267.  Jaemyung Kim, Laura J. Cote, Franklin Kim, Jiaxing Huang

Yonggang Huang

Yonggang Huang; Civil and Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, MEAS.

ISEN Final Report

“Surface-Coverage-Dependent Cycle Stability of Core-Shell Nanostructured Electrodes for Use in Lithium Ion Batteries,” Advanced Energy Materials, 2014, 4 (1). Sangkyu Lee, Jaehwan Ha, Huanyu Cheng, Jung Woo Lee, Tae Sik Jang, Yeon-Gil Jung, Yonggang Huang, John A. Rogers, Ungyu Paik.

"Conformal piezoelectric energy harvesting and storage from motions of the heart, lung, and diaphragm." PNAS, 2014, 111, 1927-1932. Canan Dagdeviren, Byung Duk Yang, Yewang Su, Phat L. Tran, Pauline Joe, Eric Anderson, Jing Xia, Vijay Doraiswamy, Behrooz Dehdashti, Xue Geng, Bingwei lu, Robert Poston, Zain Khalpey, Roozbeh Ghaffari, Yonggahng Huang, Marvin J. Slepian, and John A. Rogers.

"Stretchable batteries with self-similar serpentine interconnects and integrated wireless recharging systems," Nature Communications, 2013, 4 (1543), 1-8. Sheng Xu, Yihui Zhang, Jiung Cho, Juhwan Lee, Xian Huang, Lin Jia, Jonathan A. Fan, Yewang Su, Jessica Su, Huigang Zhang, Huanyu Cheng, Bingwei Lu, Cunjiang Yu,Chi Chuang, Tae-il Kim, Taeseup Song, Kazuyo Shigeta, Sen Kang, Canan Dagdeviren, Ivan Petrov, Paul V. Braun, Yonggang Huang, Ungyu Paik & John A. RogersPaper supported by ISEN funded work, as identified by researcher.

"Stretchable Semiconductor Technologies with High Areal Coverages and Strain-Limiting Behavior: Demonstration in High-Efficiency Dual-Junction GaInP/GaAs Photovoltaics," Small, 2012, 8 (12), pp. 1851-56. Jongho Lee, Jian Wu, Jae Ha Ryu, Zhuangjian Liu, Matthew Meitl, Yong-Wei Zhang, Yonggang Huang, and John A. Rogers. Paper supported by ISEN funded work, as identified by researcher.

“Stretchable Ferroelectric Nanoribbons with Wavy Configurations on Elastomeric Substrates,” ACS Nano, 2011, 5 (4), 3326-3332. Xue Feng, Byung Duk Yang, Yuanming Liu, Yong Wang, Canan Dagdeviren, Zhuangjian Liu, Andrew Carlson, Jiangyu Li, Yonggang Huang, John A. Rogers

"Stretchable GaAs Photovoltaics with Designs that Enable High Areal Coverage," Advanced Materials, 2011, 23 (8), 986-991.  Jongho Lee, Jian Wu, Mingxing Shi, Jonsseung Woo, Sang-II Park, Ming Li, Zhuangjian Liu, Yonggang Huang and John A Rogers

"Materials and mechanics for stretchable electronics," Science, 2010, 327 (5793), 1603-1607. John A. Rogers, Takao Someya and Yonggang Huang

"Compact monocrystalline silicon solar modules with high voltage outputs and mechanically flexible designs," Energy & Environmental Science, 2010, 3 (2), pp 208-211. Alfred J. Baca, YKi Jun Yu, Jianliang Xiao, Shuodao Wang, Jongseung Yoon, Jae Ha Ryu, Darren Stevenson, Ralph G. Nuzzo, Angus A. Rockett, Yonggang Huang and John A. Rogers

Derk Joester

Derk Joester; Materials Science and Engineering, MEAS.

"Atom Probe Tomography of Apatites and Bone-Type Mineralized Tissues," ACS Nano, 2012, 6(12), 10667–10675. Lyle M. Gordon, Lawrence Tran, and Derk Joester

"Selectivity in biomineralization of barium and strontium," Journal of Structural Biology, 2011, 176 (2), 192-202. Minna R. Krejci, Brian Wasserman, Lydia Finney, Ian McNulty, Daniel Legnini, Stefan Vogt, Derk Joester

"Selective Sequestration of Strontium in Desmid Green Algae by Biogenic Co-precipitation with Barite," ChemSusChem, 2011, 4 (4), 470-473. Minna R. Krejci, Lydia Finney, Stefan Vogt, and Derk Joester (highlighted in Nature News, here)

Allison Juster

Allison Juster; The Graduate School. 

“Tablet-level origin of toughening in abalone shells and translation to synthetic composite materials,” Nature Communications, 2011, 2, article no. 173.  Horacio D. Espinosa, Allison L. Juster, Felix J. Latourte, Owen Y. Loh, David Gregoire, Pablo D. Zavattieri

Mercouri Kanatzidis

Mercouri Kanatzidis; Chemistry, WCAS.

"High-performance bulk thermoelectrics with all-scale hierarchical architectures," Nature, 2012, 489 (7416), pgs 414-418. Kanishka Biswas, Jiaqing He, Ivan D. Blum, Chun-I Wu, Timothy P. Hogan, David N. Seidman, Vinayak P. Dravid, Mercouri G. Kanatzidis. 

"All-solid-state dye-sensitized solar cells with high efficiency," Nature, 2012, 485 (7399), pp. 486-489. In Chung, Byunghong Lee, Jiaqing He, Robert P. H. Chang & Mercouri G. Kanatzidis.

Sinan Keten

Sinan Keten; Mechanical Engineering and Civil and Environmental Engineering, MEAS.

“Directing the self-assembly of supra-biomolecular nanotubes using entropic forces,” Soft Matter, 2014, Vol 10, pp 851-861. Luis Ruiz and Sinan Keten.

"Poly(ethylene glycol) conjugation stabilizes the secondary structure of alpha-helices by reducing peptide solvent accessible surface area," Biomacromolecules, 2013, 14 (11), pp 4053-4060. Elham Hamed, Ting Xu, and Sinan Keten.

"Critical scales govern the mechanical fragmentation mechanisms of biomolecular assemblies," Journal of Applied Mechanics, 2013, 80(6), 061010. M Sullivan and S Keten.

"Persistence length and stochastic fragmentation of supramolecular nanotubes under mechanical force," Nanotechnology, 2013, 24 (19), 195103. L Ruiz, P VonAchen, TD Lazzara, T Xu and S Keten.

Sridhar Krishnaswamy

Sridhar Krishnaswamy; Mechanical Engineering, MEAS. 

"Anisotropic wrinkle formation on shape memory polymer substrates", Journal of Applied Physics, 2012, 112 (12), article no. 124319. Zhongbi Chen, Yun Young Kim, and Sridhar Krishnaswamy.

Harold Kung

Harold Kung; Chemical and Biological Engineering, MEAS.

ISEN Final Report

"Effect of Electrode Dimensionality and Morphology on the Performance of Cu2Sb Thin Film Electrodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries," European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2011, 2011 (26), 3984-3988. Lynn Trahey, Harold H. Kung, Michael M. Thackeray, and John T. Vaughey

“High Capacity, Microporous Cu6Sn5-Sn Anodes for Li-Ion Batteries,” Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 2009, 156(5) A385-A389. Lynn Trahey, John T. Vaughey, Harold H. Kung and Michael M. Thackeray Paper supported by ISEN funded work, as identified by researcher.

M. Lalonde

Marianne Lalonde; Chemistry, The Graduate School

"N-Heterocyclic Carbene-Like Catalysis by a Metal-Organic Framework Material," ACS Catalysis, 2012, 2 (8) 1550-1554. Marianne B. Lalonde, Omar K. Farha, Karl A. Scheidt, Joseph T. Hupp.

L. Lauhon

Lincoln Lauhon; Materials Science and Engineering, MEAS

"Identification of an Intrinsic Source of Doping Inhomogeneity in Vapor-Liquid-Solid-Grown Nanowires," Nano Lett. 2013, 13, 199−206. Justin G. Connell, KunHo Yoon, Daniel E. Perea, Edwin J. Schwalbach, Peter W. Voorhees, and Lincoln J. Lauhon

"Atom Probe Tomography of a-Axis GaN Nanowires: Analysis of Nonstoichiometric Evaporation Behavior," 2012, 6 (5), 3898–3906. James R. Riley, Rodrigo A. Bernal, Qiming Li, Horacio D. Espinosa, George T. Wang, and Lincoln J. Lauhon

Correlation and Morphology of Dopant Decomposition in Mn and Co Codoped Ge Epitaxial Films," J. Phys. Chem. C, 2012, 116 (1), pg. 276-280. Riley, JR; Perea, DE; He, L; Tsui, F; Lauhon, LJ

T. Marks

Tobin Marks; Chemistry, WCAS

"Polymer solar cells with enhanced fill factors," Nature Photonics, 2013, 7, 825-833. Xugang Guo, Nanjia Zhou, Sylvia J. Lou, Jeremy Smith, Daniel B. Tice, Jonathan W. Hennek, Rocío Ponce Ortiz, Juan T. López Navarrete, Shuyou Li, Joseph Strzalka, Lin X. Chen, Robert P. H. Chang, Antonio Facchetti & Tobin J. Marks.

"Fluorinated Copper Phthalocyanine Nanowires for Enhancing Interfacial Electron Transport in Organic Solar Cells", Nano Letters, 2012, 12 (12), 6315-21. Seok Min Yoon, Sylvia J. Lou, Stephen Loser, Jeremy Smith, Lin X. Chen, Antonio Facchetti, and Tobin Marks.

"Bithiopheneimide-Dithienosilole/Dithienogermole Copolymers for Efficient Solar Cells: Information from Structure-Property-Device Performance Correlations and Comparison to Thieno[3,4-c]pyrrole-4,6-dione Analogues," JACS, 2012, 134 (44), pgs 18427-39. Xugang Guo, Nanjia Zhou, Sylvia J. Lou, Jonathan W. Hennek, Rocio Ponce Ortiz, Melanie R. Butler, Pierre-Olivier Morin, Mario Leclerc, Juan T. Lopez Navarrete, Mark A. Ratner, Lin X. Chen, Robert P. H. Chang, Antonio Facchetti, Tobin Marks.  

F. McInerney

Francesca McInerney; Geological Sciences, WCAS.

“Leaf wax n-alkane distributions in and across modern plants: Implications for paleoecology and chemotaxonomy,” Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 2013, vol. 117, pgs. 161-179. Rosemary T. Busha, Francesca A. McInerney.

P. Messersmith

Phillip Messersmith; Materials Science and Engineering, MEAS

"Water Detoxification by a Substrate-Bound Catecholamine Adsorbent," ChemPlusChem, 2012, 77 (11), pgs 987-90. Mihyun Lee, Junsong Rho, Dong-Eun Lee, Seonki Hong, Sun-Ju Choi, Phillip B. MEssersmith, Haeshin Lee. 

A. Motter

Adilson Motter; Physics & Astronomy, WCAS

"Realistic control of network dynamics," Nature Comm., 4, 1942 (2013). S.P. Cornelius, W.L. Kath, A.E. Motter.

"Spontaneous synchrony in power-grid networks," Nature Physics, Vol. 9, 191-197. Adilson E. Motter, Seth A. Myers, Marian Anghel and Takashi Nishikawa

"Network Observability Transitions," Phys. Review Lett., 2012, 109 (25). Y. Yang, J. Wang, and A. Motter. 

SonBinh Nguyen

SonBinh Nguyen; Chemistry, WCAS.

ISEN Final Report

"Tunable Biomolecular Interaction and Fluorescence Quenching Ability of Graphene Oxide: Application to "Turn-on" DNA Sensing in Biological Media," Small, 2012, 8 (16), pp. 2469-2476. Bong Jin Hong, Zhi An, Owen C. Compton, and SonBinh T. Nguyen

"Additive-free hydrogelation of graphene oxide by ultrasonication," Carbon, 2012, 50 (10), pp. 3399–3406. Owen C. Compton, Zhi An, Karl W. Putz, Bong Jin Hong, Brad G. Hauser, L. Catherine Brinson, SonBinh T. Nguyen

“Tuning the Mechanical Properties of Graphene Oxide Paper and Its Associated Polymer Nanocomposites by Controlling Cooperative Intersheet Hydrogen Bonding,”  ACS Nano, 2012, 6 (3), pp. 2008-2019. Compton, OC, Cranford, SW, Putz, KW, An, Z, Brinson, LC, Buehler, MJ, Nguyen, ST.

"Chemically Active Reduced Graphene Oxide with Tunable C/O Ratios," ACS Nano, 2011, 5 (6), 4380-4391. Owen C. Compton, Bonny Jain, Dmitriy A. Dikin, Ali Abouimrane, Khalil Amine, and SonBinh T. Nguyen

"Non-annealed graphene paper as a binder-free anode for lithium-ion batteries," J. Phys. Chem. C, 2010, 114 (29), 12800-12804. Ali Aboiumrane; Owen C. Compton; Khalil Amine; SonBinh T. Nguyen

Jorge Nocedal

Jorge Nocedal;Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MEAS.

"Subspace Accelerated Matrix Splitting Algorithms for Asymmetric and Symmetric Linear Complementarity Problems,” SIAM Journal on Optimization, 2013, 23 (3), pages 1371-1397. Daniel P. Robinson, Liming Feng, Jorge M. Nocedal, and Jong-Shi Pang.

"Sample size selection in optimization methods for machine learning," Math. Program., Ser. B 2012 (134) 127–155. Richard H. Byrd, Gillian M. Chin, Jorge Nocedal, Yuchen WuPaper supported by ISEN funded work, as identified by researcher.

Justin Notestein

Justin Notestein; Chemical and Biological Engineering, MEAS.

"Quantifying accessible sites and reactivity on titania-silica (photo) catalysts: Refining TOF calculations." Jour. Catalysis. 2014, 309, 156-165. Todd R. Eaton, Michael P. Campos, Kimberly A. Gray, Justin M. Notestein.

"The Role of Amine Surface Density in Carbon Dioxide Adsorption on Functionalized Mixed Oxide Surfaces," ChemSusChem, 2011, 4(11), 1671 – 1678. Pria D. Young and Justin M. Notestein

"Adsorption of n-Butanol from Dilute Aqueous Solution with Grafted Calixarenes" Langmuir, 2011, 27 (19), 11990–11998. Anthony B. Thompson, Sydney J. Cope, T. Dallas Swift, and Justin M. Notestein

Teri Odom

Teri Odom; Chemistry, WCAS.

"Lasing action in strongly coupled plasmonic nanocavity arrays", Nature Nanotechnology, 2013, 8 (7), pgs 506-11. Wei Zhou, Montacer Dridi, Jae Yong Suh, Chul Hoon Kim, Dick T. Co, Michael R. Wasielewski, George C. Schatz & Teri W. Odom

"Plasmonic Bowtie Nanolaser Arrays", Nano Letters, 2012, 12 (11), 5769-74. Jae Young Suh, Chul Hoon Kim, Wei Zhou, Mark D. Huntington, Dick T. Co, Michael R. Wasielewski, and Teri W. Odom

"Extraordinary Nonlinear Absorption in 3D Bowtie Nanoantennas," Nano Lett. 2012, 12, 269−274, Jae Yong Suh, Mark D. Huntington, Chul Hoon Kim, Wei Zhou, Michael R. Wasielewski, and Teri W. Odom

Neelesh A. Patankar

Neelesh A. Patankar; Mechanical Engineering, MEAS.

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Mark Peterson; The Graduate School.

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Amanda Petford-Long

Amanda Petford-Long; Materials Science and Engineering, MEAS.

ISEN Final Report

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Monica Prasad; Sociology, WCAS.

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Jianmin Qu

Jianmin Qu; Civil and Environmental Engineering, MEAS.

ISEN Final Report

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David Seidman

David Seidman; Materials Science and Engineering, MEAS.

ISEN Final Report

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Toru Shiozaki

Toru Shiozaki; Chemistry, WCAS

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Mona Shrestha

Mona Shrestha; Chemistry, WCAS

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Cheng Sun

Cheng Sun; Mechanical Engineering, MEAS.

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Alok Tayi; Materials Science and Engineering, The Graduate School.

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John Torkelson; Chemical and Biological Engineering, MEAS. 

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Vennesa Williams

Vennesa Williams; Chemistry, The Graduate School.

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Chris Wilmer; The Graduate School. 

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Jinsong Wu

Jinsong Wu; Materials Science and Engineering, MEAS.

ISEN Final Report

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Rui ZhouRui Zhou; Mechanical Engineering, MEAS

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