The mission of the Photo-Sciences Research Center (PSRC) is to use the energy and interrogating power of light to push back the frontiers of chemistry, physics, and biology.

About Us

Founded in 2019 at Northwestern University, the Photo-Sciences Research Center (PSRC) creates non-obvious interdisciplinary connections to solve some of science and technology’s most difficult problems. Specifically, how can we use light to store and transmit quantum information efficiently and securely? How can we push the time resolution of biological imaging to nanoseconds? How can we use electronic excited states to realize new chemical reactivity and selectivity?  All of these problems have one thing in common: they require an in-depth understanding and a precise control of light-matter interactions.

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Research at PSRC focuses on three interwoven areas:

Area 1: Photonic Qubits

Area 2: Ultrafast Biology

Area 3: Photocatalysis

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