Addressing Rigor and Reproducibility in Heterogeneous, Thermal Catalysis

A virtual, introductory seminar


There has been growing consensus in the heterogeneous catalysis research community that mechanisms are needed to improve rigor and reproducibility in experimental measurements, but lasting change cannot be achieved by a subset of researchers. Change must be embraced by the whole community. We are planning several events intended to build community support and help translate this groundswell into a set of individual and collective actions.

Our leadoff event is a free, virtual seminar to discuss the current state of rigor and reproducibility in the field of thermal heterogeneous catalysis. The goal of this seminar is to open a dialog within the community. Most of us have anecdotes concerning failures to reproduce data internally within our group or observed an apparent lack of rigor in reports in literature, but how far spread is the problem? What are possible systemic, institutional, or individual causes? How do researchers think about these problems in other fields? Can this problem be “solved,” and what would even be considered progress? What does it mean for data to be reproducible? We hope you join us.

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