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Kellogg Energy Club

Energy Club – Kellogg

The Kellogg Energy Club is a professional organization dedicated to developing and broadening the Kellogg community's interest in the energy industry. The EC provides both learning and networking opportunities through a variety of forums emphasizing the diversity of careers available in the industry. During the academic year, these forums will include multiple guest speakers, social events, and a career panel of current and former Kellogg students speaking about their personal experiences in the energy industry.


Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Northwestern

InNUvation is Northwestern's only University-wide entrepreneurship and innovation student group with over 1,000 members. InNUvation sponsors a variety of workshops, panel discussions, and guest speakers. The Northwestern University Venture Challenge (NUVC) was created by InNUvation to provide a business idea competition that students from across the University can participate in.


NESC - Northwestern Energy and Sustainability Consortium

NESC's mission is to encourage and facilitate communication and collaboration at Northwestern University about sustainability and energy by:

  • Facilitating cooperation and coordination between students engaged in sustainability- and energy-oriented activities and initiatives.
  • Working to disseminate information about sustainability activities, initiatives, programs, careers, coursework and anything else sustainability- and energy-oriented to the student body.
  • Developing tools for sharing and finding information about sustainability and energy for use by students, prospective students, employers, administration, faculty and media.
  • Questions?


NU Energy Technology Group (NETG)

NU Energy Technology Group's mission is to promote informed discourse about energy issues, and to provide opportunities for collaboration both among Northwestern University students, as well as between students and external people and organizations. NETG does this through hosting talks and panel discussions, traveling to energy technology facilities, and by organizing social events which encourage networking with other energy-related organizations.


NU Sustainable Food Talks

NU Sustainable Food Talks is a community program whose mission is to strengthen our sustainable food systems network, our knowledge base, and find ways together to maximize our outreach. It is our goal to bring stakeholders from all parts of the food system together in order to learn of each other’s challenges in making our food system sustainable and to develop action points on an individual level and initiatives to be implemented by partnering organizations.


The Roosevelt Institution at Northwestern University

The Roosevelt Institution at Northwestern University conducts original policy research and proposes innovative solutions to the problems facing our society at the campus, state, and federal levels. We are organized into policy centers staffed by Roosevelt fellows.


Sustainability Working Group (SWaG)

Northwestern's Sustainability Working Group is a forum for environmental initiatives on campus to work together, exchange ideas and share information and resources. Undergraduate and graduate students who are members of environmental groups across campus meet to collaborate on initiatives and goals.

Wild Roots

Wild Roots

Wild Roots is a student-directed garden which grows fresh produce for the Northwestern and Evanston communities using sustainable practices. Wild Roots serves the evolving educational and social needs of the Northwestern community by inspiring students to think critically about the food we eat and by starting conversations about sustainability, social justice, and our food system. Come work with us in the garden!


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