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June 2014

Benjamin, Alex
Theater, School of Communications

[Carbon and Climate Change] Theatre Play on Chernobyl

Cwikla, Kamil
Chemistry, Biological Sciences, WCAS

[Energy Conversion] Exploring Ultrafast Dynamics of a Ruthenium Charge-Transfer Compound

Moravek, Jessie
Environmental Science, Plant Biology, WCAS

[Biofuels] Isolation and characterization of Fatty Acid Content of Shrimp Shell Chitin

Natale, Caleb
Chemistry, WCAS

[Biofuels, Carbon and Climate Change] Determining the structure of detergent solubilized and membrane bound Methylocystis hirsute CSC1 pMMO

Rogers, Dylan
Undeclared, WCAS

[Energy Efficiency] Magnetic Anisotropy in Permanent Magnets Without the Use of Rare-Earth Elements

Wustenberg, Lauren (Funded by the Nasaw Family Fund for Environmental Research)
Environmental Science, WCAS

[Sustainability] Palm Conservation in the Peruvian Amazon: Determining supply and demand for chambira fiber in the Ampiyacu region of Peru

Ziebel, Michael
Chemistry, WCAS

[Solar] A Supramolecular Polymer for Organic Photovoltaic Devices

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April 2014

Bergman, Rachel (Funded by the Nasaw Family Fund for Environmental Research)
Undeclared, WCAS

[Carbon and Climate Change] Matrix Effects in the Analysis of Lignin Using TMAH Thermochemolysis

Narrative Report

Brown, Kristen
Chemistry, WCAS

[General, Policy and Advocacy] Northwestern Energy and Sustainability Consortium (NESC): Energy and Sustainability Outreach

Estrada, Ignacio
Mechanical Engineering, MEAS

[Solar, Sustainability (on-campus)] Northwestern Solar Car Team: BMS, Acopian; Solar cells

Narrative Report

Jaro, Jan
Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences, MEAS

[Sustainability (on-campus)] Move In Move Out (MIMO) (continued)

Ksiazek, Kelly (Funded by the Nasaw Family Fund for Environmental Research)
Plant Biology and Conservation, WCAS

[Sustainability] Patterns of Pollen Movement on Urban Green Roofs

Shah, Aarohi (Funded by the Nasaw Family Fund for Environmental Research)
Integrated Science Program, Materials Science, WCAS

[Biofuels] Chitin-degrading Fungi as a Potential Source of Biodiesel

Narrative Report

Shastry, Tejas
Materials Science and Engineering, MEAS

[Energy Conversion, Sustainability (on-campus)] myPower: Product Pilot Run at Northwestern

Zaonegina, Elina
Psychology and Environmental Sciences, WCAS

[Sustainability] Moral Licensing Effects on Environmental Decision Making

Narrative Report

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