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June 2015

Argueta, Edwin
Chemical and Biological Engineering, MEAS

[Catalysis] Computationally Efficient Calculation of Charges in Metal-Organic Frameworks

Butts, Danielle
Materials Science and Engineering, MEAS

[Fuel Cells] Determining Degradation Mechanisms in Regenerative Solid Oxide Cells

Henriquez, Rafael (Funded by the Nasaw Family Fund for Environmental Research)
History, WCAS

[General, Policy and Advocacy] Environmentalism and Black Churches in Chicago

Luu, Norman
Materials Science and Engineering, MEAS

[Energy Storage] Graphene-Functionalized LiMg Oxide Nanoparticles as Cathodes for Li-Ion Batteries

Ng, Calvin
Materials Science and Engineering, MEAS

[Fuel Cells] Operating an Intermediate-Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cell with Methane Fuel

Palasz, Joseph
Integrated Sciences Program, WCAS

[Solar] Controlling the crystallinity of organohalide lead perovskites for thin-layer photovoltaics

Rodby, Kara
Environmental Engineering, Environmental Sciences, MEAS

[Sustainability] The role of the outer membrane in the bacterial biouptake of mercury in aquatic systems

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April 2015

Cho, Hyeon Jin
Engineers for a Sustainable World, MEAS

[Solar, Sustainability (on-campus)] SmartTree

Gardner, Elliot
Plant Biology & Conservation, WCAS

[Sustainability, Sustainability (water)] Basic science for a sustainable future: the genome of breadfruit’s wild relative

Goodman, Benjamin
Engineers for a Sustainable World, MEAS

[General] ESW Summer Fellowship

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