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April 2014

Broadbelt, Linda
Chemical and Biological Engineering, MEAS

[Biofuels] Optimization of Lignin Utilization through Detailed Kinetic Modeling

Grayson, Matthew
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MEAS

[Energy Conversion] Enhancing Peltier and Seebeck Performance with Shaped Transverse Thermoelectrics

Harris, David T.
Chemistry, WCAS

[Catalysis] Isolation and Studies of Metal-CO2 Adducts in Metal-Organic Frameworks

Kanatzidis, Mercouri
Chemistry, WCAS

[Nuclear] Metal sulfides: selective sorbents to efficiently capture uranium from seawater

Kiesling, Lynne
Economics, WCAS

[Policy and Advocacy] Understanding the Effect of 20thC Regulation on 21stC Experimentation in Electricity Markets

Sageman, Brad
Earth and Planetary Sciences, WCAS

[Carbon and Climate Change] Monitoring the Rate and Extent of Ocean Acidification with Ca isotopes

Shah, Ramille
Materials Science and Engineering, MEAS

[Energy Conversion] 3D Printing of Energy Devices Using Particle-Based Inks

Wells, George
Civil and Environmental Engineering, MEAS

[Biofuels] Nutrient Removal & Energy Production via Microbial N2O Generation from Wastewater

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