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Argonne National Laboratory


ISEN is proud to have Argonne National Laboratory as its primary research partner in the areas of sustainability and energy. Over the past few years, Argonne and Northwestern have developed a seamless connectivity leading to higher effectiveness at multiple levels.  This strong collaborative relationship leverages combined institutional strengths, enhances our competitive position for resources, and supports faster deployment of targeted research teams to respond to multiple opportunities. Both institutions experience greater impact of research to a broader audience with national visibility.

This team approach means a more influential Chicago and Illinois presence in the sustainability and energy research arena, and offers tremendous educational opportunities for Northwestern graduate students. 


Northwestern and Argonne also partner annually to offer a NU/Argonne Early Career Investigator Award. Past recipients of the award include:

  • 2012: Lynn Trahey, Argonne National Laboratory Materials Scientist. “Protected High-Capacity Anodes for Li-Ion Battery Applications"
  • 2011: Emily Weiss, Clare Boothe Luce Assistant Professor of Chemistry. "Exciton Dissociation in Single Quantum Dot-Molecule Complexes"
  • 2010 Inaugural Award: Adilson Motter, Physics and Astronomy Assistant Professor. “Optimization and Control of Power-Grid Dynamics for the Development of Smart Grids"

Argonne and Northwestern University collaborate further by supporting researchers with joint appointments. View a full list of joint facutly members and researchers and information about their findings at the Northwestern-Argonne Initiative for Science and Engineering. Founded in the summer of 2011, the Institute includes a materials research emphasis in support of the Materials Genome Initiative for Global Competitiveness, an effort to build a national infrastructure for data sharing and analysis.


Argonne researchers also participate as adjunct faculty, guest lecturers and final presentation judges for ISEN 430, NUvention: Energy.

Additionally, Argonne, Northwestern and the University of Chicago jointly host Energy Systems Center for Analysis and Policy Evaluation (ESCAPE) Workshops. Designed for undergraduate students, ESCAPE workshops teach the basics of complex scientific processes and Argonne-developed technologies, as instructed by top Argonne researchers. Click here to find out more and view past workshop topics. 


Both Northwestern and Argonne were awarded funding by the Department of Energy for new Energy Frontier Research Centers (EFRCs).  ISEN and Argonne are constantly collaborating to showcase the work that has been accomplished, including at these recent events:

  • Argonne-Northwestern Solar Energy Research Center (ANSER) - 5th Annual Solar Energy Symposium, Solar Fuels: Challenges and Opportunities, April 26-27, 2012 (Previous workshops in May 2009, May 2010, May 2011 and November 2011)
  • Center for Electrical Energy Storage (CEES) - 1/2 day EFRC workshop,  November 22, 2010
  • Institute for Atom-efficient Chemical Transformations (IACT) - 1/2 day EFRC workshop, November 22, 2010


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