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Below are ISEN-organized and/or co-sponsored event videos. Other interesting Sustainability & Energy videos from other campus organizations and departments are available here.

DePue Research 1"Profs. Franz Geiger and Nancy Loeb air research on Hispanic families in DuPue, IL"

Environmental contamination and its effects on the Hispanic population in the village of DePue, IL has been a research focus for Franz M. Geiger, Professor of Chemistry, and Nancy C. Loeb, Clinical Assistant Professor of Law and Director of the Environmental Advocacy Center. Their research was aired in two parts in Spanish by UNIVISION Chicago.

DePue Research 2

"Part 2"

ISEN 430 Final Presentations Winter 2013"2013 ISEN 430 Final Presentations"

 The NUvention: Energy (Winter 2013) final presentations were held March 15, 2013 at Northwestern University. In NUvention: Energy, undergraduate and graduate students from schools across campus come together in interdisciplinary teams to develop a product or service and a business in the burgeoning sustainable energy industry. By simulating the product/service and business development process, NUvention Energy helps students develop creative, interpersonal, business, and technical skills. See more at the course website. 

To view individual presentations, please use the menu below:

Team CleanTech Connect
Karthik Sekar, John Shen, Gabriel Szappanyos

Team EWM Technologies
Jason Avila, Varun Kaushik, Jalaja Repalle, Jackie Yue Wu

Team GreenLight
Ty Benefiel, Hillary Hass, Yan Man, Fred Thwaites

Team myPower (Video Unavailable)
Michael Geier, Amer Mian, Tejas Shastry, Alexander Smith

Team NU-Ag
Eitan Cher, Joseph Halverson, Harry Hahn, Amanda Myers, Michael Narea, Mark Silberg

Team RoundTrip
Gautham Arumilli, Sarah Howell, Josh Kaplan, Garry Sandhu

Team SolarTown
Tahsin Ali, Zhongbi Chen, DJ Fairfield, Shengyang Li, Mona Shrestha

Stretchable Battery by Booster-winner Yonggang Huang"Stretchable Battery by Booster-winner Yonggang Huang"

February 28, 2013: ISEN Booster-winner Yonggang Huang and the University of Illinois’ John A. Rogers are the first to demonstrate a stretchable lithium-ion battery -- a flexible device capable of powering their innovative stretchable electronics. Huang and Rogers have demonstrated a battery that continues to work -- powering a commercial light-emitting diode (LED) -- even when stretched, folded, twisted and mounted on a human elbow.

KEMI 2013 Videos"2013 Northwestern Workshop on Wholesale Electricity Markets: Hurdles to Overcome"

Jan 29-30, 2013: Collaborating with Kellogg, ISEN co-sponsored the 2013 Northwestern Workshop on Wholesale Electricity Markets. The conference featured keynote speakers John R. Norris, John Rowe, and panels with Exelon, the World Bank, FERC, and electricity leaders from Australia, Europe and South America.

Eric Masanet Photo"Professor Eric Masanet on WBEZ"

On Dec. 3, 2012 Northwestern Associate Professor Eric Masanet was interviewed on WBEZ Worldview's monthly segment with partner EcoMyths Alliance. Masanet dicussed standby power loss and green electronics. Click to hear audio archive of the interview.

Great Lakes Panel"Great Lakes Water Scarcity and Regional Economic Development"

On Oct 10, 2012 ISEN co-hosted a panel with Argonne, the Shedd Aquarium, and MESLA. Click for video archive of the excellent discussion, with keynote from Cam Davis, Senior Advisor to the Administrator of the EPA.

Tim A. Eder, Executive Director, Great Lakes Commission
David Naftzger, Executive Director, Council of Great Lake Governors
David Ullrich, Executive Director, Great Lakes & St. Lawrence Cities Initiative
Donald J. Wuebbles, University of Illinois, 2007 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 

Mark C. Petri, Technology Development Director, Argonne National Laboratory

NuMat at NASDAQ"NuMat Rings NASDAQ Closing Bell"

NuMat Technologies was honored at the July 26 NASDAQ Closing for winning the VentureLabs Investment Competition this spring, one of two times they will be ringing the closing bell this summer. Click to watch the video of the Closing Bell Ceremony and hear ISEN receive a shoutout at about 6 minutes.

MESLA Panel"MESLA Panels: The Global Landscape for Cleantech and Climate Change"

On May 15, 2012, the Environmental Law and Policy Center (ELPC) and the Midwest Energy and Sustainability Leadership Alliance (MESLA) co-hosted a two-part panel, audio archives for which can be found below:

Climate Change and Global Security
Rebecca Ranich, Director, Federal Energy and Resources Management, Deloitte Consulting LLP
Howard Learner, Executive Director, ELPC
Jerome McDonnell, Host, Worldview on WBEZ

PANEL I Audio (73 mins):

Global Policies Driving Cleaner Energy Development
Dan Foley, CEO, Acciona North America
Ali Mushtaq, Director, North American Wind Energy Advisory at Trade Commission of Denmark in Chicago
Mark Tomkins, Vice President, German American Chamber of Commerce
Howard Learner, Executive Director, ELPC

PANEL II Audio (54 mins):

2012 ISEN 430- Final Presentations"2012 ISEN 430 Final Presentations"

The NUvention: Energy (Winter 2012) final presentations were held March 9, 2012 at Northwestern University. In NUvention: Energy, graduate students from schools across campus come together in interdisciplinary teams to develop a product or service and a business in the burgeoning sustainable energy industry. By simulating the product/service and business development process, NUvention Energy helps students develop creative, interpersonal, business, and technical skills. See more at the course website.

To view individual presentations, please use the menu below:

Team Tion Technology Water Purification System
Karan Garg, Sebby Kannukkaden, Nitin Kini, Lisa Koperski, Jeremy C. Wilson, Daniel D Wu, Jeffrey Alan Yuen

Team Mimas Nanomaterials
Adam Atkinson-Lewis, Chris Bentley, Tom Broeker, Alejandro Herrera, Sammy Lee, David Snydacker, Sebastine Ujereh, Wouter Vanderheere

Team Armageddon Energy
Pierre-Alexandre Abeel, Ravi Tej Bandi, Pierre Jamet, Sumin Kim, Jesse Lee, Julian Minuzzo, Graham Siegel, Michael Warga

Team RadSurv
Roshni Brahmbhatt, Brandon Bridges, Corey Haygood, Evan Jones, Jooyoung Joon

Team EnerLink Health
Nopparat Chiangwong, Satyender Goel, Ivi Kolasi, Nathan Nemon, Adam Spector, Anusha Vadlamanu

Team SiNode
Peter Hamann, Zhenyu Hou, Joshua Lau, Samir Mayekar, Nishit Mehta, Guy Peterson, Siamak Abdollahi Pour, Thomas Yu

Team TradeLightly
Alan Bebchik, Jane Ehinger, Kathleen Garvey, Samuel Malin, Ashley Noreuil, Marc Palmer, Benjamin Shorofsky, Timothy Stanis

Closing Remarks
Michael Marasco, Director, Northwestern University Farley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

2012 Northwestern Climate Change Symposium - Group shot (top) and Keynote speaker Richard Alley (bottom). Photos courtesy Ed Mallon"2012 Northwestern Climate Change Symposium"

The 3rd Annual Northwestern University Climate Change Symposium was held at Northwestern University on March 8, 2012. It was co-sponsored by the Dept. of Earth & Planetary Sciences, the Initiative for Sustainability and Energy at Northwestern (ISEN), and the Program in Environmental Policy & Culture. Bios of speakers and a full program lineup can be reviewed at an archive of the event website.

To view individual presentations, please use the menu below:

Brad Sageman and Yarrow Axford, Northwestern University
"Welcome and Opening Remarks"

Aaron Bernstein, Harvard University
"Why climate change matters to our health"

John Smol, Queens University (Ontario)
"The power of the past: using Arctic lake sediments to reconstruct long-term environmental changes"

Matt Hurtgen, Northwestern University
"Deep time perspectives on climate change: why ocean chemistry matters"

Barry Rabe, University of Michigan
"Can we tax carbon? Lessons from American states and Canadian provinces"

Catherine Hurley, City of Evanston
"Climate change action in Evanston"

Adrian Smith, Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture
"Toward Zero Carbon: The Chicago Central Area DeCarbonization Plan and Other Sustainable Initiatives"

Richard Alley, Pennsylvania State University
"KEYNOTE: Get rich and save the world, or else: energy, environmental change and options"

John Romankiewicz"Report from the Field: Northwestern Alumni Talk- John Romankiewicz"

On January 17, 2012, the Office of International Program Development, the McCormick Office of Personal Development, and ISEN, hosted Northwestern alum John Romankiewicz (MEAS '06).  John spoke about his work and his extensive international experiences in green technology and sustainability.

John recently joined the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's China Energy Group as a senior research associate, where he is working on a broad range of projects including appliance efficiency standards and power sector research.

Prior to joining the group, John spent a year at the U.S. Department of State Office of Global Change, where he advised the Special Envoy for Climate Change on China issues. He also coordinated clean energy and climate cooperation programs under the U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue, including the EcoPartnerships program.  In 2007, he was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to study renewable energy development in China and produced a bilingual video podcast called China's Green Beat.

Smart Grid Panel - Oct 6, 2011"Step-by-Step Grid Modernization: Connecting the Dots for Stakeholders"

On Oct 6, 2011, ISEN was pleased to partner with SEEK at the Kellogg School of Management, GE and ComEd on a panel discussion of the future of smart grid technology and consumer empowerment and engagement.

A fantastic panel included: Luke Clemente (GM, Metering and Sensing Systems at GE - Digital Energy), Lynne Kiesling (Distinguished Sr. Lecturer - Dept of Economics at Northwestern), Diego Klabjan (Assoc. Professor - Dept of Industrial Engr and Mgmt Sciences at Northwestern) and Val Jensen (VP, Marketing & Environmental Programs at ComEd). The event was moderated by Gerald Keenan (Managing Director at Palmer Bellevue, LLC).

Ken Cohen - May 5, 2011"The Oil & Natural Gas Industry in a Changing Global Influencing Environment"

On May 5, 2011, Ken Cohen, NU alum and Vice President of Public and Government Affairs at ExxonMobil spoke to a mixed crowd of students, faculty, staff and Evanston community members.

With worldwide responsibility for the Company's government relations, communications, media relations, global community relations and corporate brand activities, Mr. Cohen discussed industrial and global energy use trends, the practice of hydraulic fracturing, and development challenges and opportunities in the coming decades. Audience members were also able to participate in an open 20 min. Q&A session.

ISEN 430 - Winter 2011

On March 11, 2011, 7 project teams in NUvention:Energy (ISEN 430) presented their final business pitches to the ISEN NUvention:Energy Advisory Board.  During the quarter, interdisciplinary teams of graduate students from Kellogg, McCormick, Weinberg and the Law School took early-stage research and/or project work from Northwestern and local partner labs and built feasible commercialization proposals. Below, please enjoy the final team pitches.  You can read more about NUvention:Energy on the course website.

Full video of the event is available here Team presentations can be accessed in any order by selecting the appropriate "chapter" under the Info button (to the left of the time bar) at the video.

Chris Hendrickson

On February 16, 2011, ISEN co-sponsored Chris Hendrickson, Duquesne Light Professor of Engineering in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Co-Director of the Green Design Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, as part of the McCormick Dean's Seminar Series.

In his talk, "Green Design and Environmental Life Cycle Assessment for Sustainable Engineering", Hendrickson explored the impacts of a process, product, or system over the entire life cycle from raw materials extraction, parts manufacturing, use, and end-of-life. McCormick has a nice summary of the event avaialable here.


On May 6-7, 2010, Northwestern University hosted the 3rd Annual Solar Energy Symposium, Solar Fuels for the Future, co-sponsored by ANSER, ISEN and One Book One Northwestern. Fraser Armstrong presented the keynote address on the evening of May 6, followed by a daylong series of presentations on May 7 focused on the latest research in the area of solar energy. Below, please enjoy each of these sessions as outlined in the Symposium Program.

Fraser Armstrong, Oxford University: Keynote - Solar-Driven Hydrogen Production and Carbon Dioxide Reduction: The Importance of Understanding How Enzymes Work so Well

Michael Wasielewski, Northwestern University and ANSER: Welcome and Introductory Remarks

Daniel DuBois, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory: Development of Molecular Electrocatalysts for CO2 Reduction and H2 Oxidation and Production

Etsuko Fujita, Brookhaven National Laboratory: Solar Fuel Generation Research at BNL: Photochemical Water Splitting and CO2 Reduction

Victor Batista, Yale University: Studies of Oxomanganese Complexes for Natural and Artificial Photosynthesis

Cliff Kubiak, University of California, San Diego: Fixing CO2

Paul Kenis, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: Microscale Platforms for CO2 Conversion and Electrode Optimization

Charles Dismukes, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey: Solar-Driven Water Oxidation from Bioinspired Earth-Abundant Catalysts for Sustainable Fuels


On November 5, Northwestern University proudly hosted the inaugural 2009 Climate Change Symposium, co-sponsored by ISEN, Earth and Planetary Sciences, the Program in Environmental Policy and Culture and One Book One Northwestern. Lonnie Thompson, Ohio State University, offered the keynote address. Presentations covered both the science of climate change as well as policy challenges that surround this issue. Below, please enjoy each of these sessions as outlined in the Symposium program.

Brad Sageman, Northwestern University, Welcome and Remarks

Lonnie G. Thompson, Ohio State University, Keynote Address: Global Climate Change: A Paleoclimate Perspective from the World's Highest Mountains

Francesca A. McInerney, Northwestern University, Global Warming in the Geologic Past: Lessons for the Future

David Archer, Univeristy of Chicago, Fossil Fuels, the Carbon Cycle, and the Longevity of Global Warming

Michele Betsill, Colorado State University, International Negotiations and the Road to Copenhagen

Gavin Schmidt, Columbia University, Couples Therapy for the Marriage between Science and Policy

Liz Moyer, University of Chicago, Responses to Climate Change Policy: A Reality Check on Alternative Energy


ISEN Co-Director, Mark Ratner participates in an Inauguration Day panel discussion on Energy and Sustainability with Thomas L. Friedman, author of Hot, Flat and Crowded. Click here to view the event. Photo courtesy of Ray Whitehouse/The Daily Northwestern


On May 5-6, 2009, Northwestern University hosted the 2nd Annual ANSER Solar Energy Symposium, co-sponsored by ISEN. Mike Wasielewski, ANSER Director, welcomed attendees. Harry B. Gray, CalTech, offered the keynote address. Symposium speakers presented a wide range of topics over the course of the second day. Below, please enjoy each of these sessions as outlined in the Symposium program.

Harry B. Gray, CalTech: Keynote Address: Powering the Planet with Solar Fuel

Michael Wasielewski, Northwestern University and ANSER: Welcome

Thomas Moore, Arizona State University: Biological, Hybrid and Bio-Inspired Systems for Efficient Energy Conversion

Gary Brudvig, Yale University: Water Oxidation Chemistry of Photosystem II and Artificial Systems

Thomas Rauchfuss, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: Biomimetic Models for the Hydrogenases

Rene Janssen, Eindhoven University of Technology: The Role of Excited Charge Transfer States in Polymer Solar Cells

Tobin Marks, Northwestern University: Interface Engineering for Better Photovoltaics

Lin Chen, Argonne National Laboratory and Northwestern University: Visualizing Excited State Electron and Atomic Movements in Photoactive Transition Metal Complexes During Solar Fuel Generation

Mark Ratner, Northwestern University: Organic Photovoltaics: Some Issues, Some Approaches

Michael Pellin, Argonne National Laboratory and Northwestern University: Three-Dimensional Synthesis for New Photoelectrode Architectures

Solar Panels are installed at various locations throughout the Chicago Public School System.more

researchstPlease enjoy a panel discussion, hosted by NU Science-Policy Action Network (NUSPAN) titled Research in the Stimulus, Can Science and Technology Turn the Economy Around? (linked disabled - no longer available) Participants included researchers from Northwestern and Argonne. The event was held on March 31, 2009 at Northwestern.

mark17On March 17, 2009 NU and Argonne researchers and graduate students met to explore collaborative opportunities in the area of Energy Demand. Please enjoy the presentations from that event.

Peter Stair, NU Professor, Chemistry - Catalysis and Energy

Christopher Marshall, ANL Group Leader, Chemical Sciences and Engineering - Catalysis for Energy Efficiency

Harold Kung, NU Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering - Progress in Electrical Energy Storage

Hani Mahmassani, NU Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering - Technology-Assisted Behavior Change:  Towards Sustainable and Energy-Efficient Transportation

Hubert Ley, presenting for David Weber, ANL Senior Nuclear Engineer, Energy Systems - The Transportation Research and Analysis Computer Center (TRACC)

James Wilson, Postdoctoral Fellow, Materials Science and Engineering on behalf of Scott Barnett - Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Research at Northwestern University

Stephen Pratt, ANL Group Leader, Chemical Sciences and Engineering - Fundamental Combustion Chemistry for Advanced Fuels and Engines

Randall Snurr, NU Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering - New Materials for Hydrogen Storage

George Fenske,  ANL Materials Scientist, Energy Systems - ICAT - Illinois Center for Advanced Tribology

Ken Kasza, ANL Senior Mechanical Engineer, Nuclear Engineering - Distributed Load Building Cooling with Ice Slurry Coolants for Improved Energy Efficiency

Klaus Weber, NU Assistant Professor, Kellogg School of Management - Activisits and Other Non-Market Drivers of Energy Sustainability


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