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Germany - 'Renewable Energy: Policy and Development'

Sustainability and energy have become topics of keen importance on the global stage. Alternative energy sources already play a vital role in decreasing energy dependency, enhancing sustainability, protecting quality of life and increasing it elsewhere. Based on this common perception and the desire to contribute to a greater awareness and knowledge of the subject matter, ISEN, in collaboration with the Study Abroad Office, has partnered with the University of Bonn and Arcadia University to create a new and innovative program that provides an introduction to the wide-ranging topics associated with renewable energy.

Renewable Energy: Policy and Development is offered at the University of Bonn, Germany, for a 5-week period during the summer.  The program provides an interdisciplinary curriculum with an introduction to the field of renewable energies as a response to today’s climate and energy problems. 

The program draws upon Bonn’s strong scientific community and begins with what students might know – a rather large scale perspective on energy policies and global players such as UN agencies, and other invested entities such as non-governmental organizations, associations and corporations. Students are introduced to the European Union’s approach to energy and development and visit the European Commission in Brussels. The program focuses on Germany’s efforts in the energy field, and highlights examples of local action. Students are asked to put what they learn to use, in a simulation, in discussion, as well as in a final paper that is developed as a project group.

For information about applying, program costs or to schedule an interview, please contact Francesca Miroballi.

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China - 'Energy Technology & Policy - Wanxiang Fellows Program'

As part of President Barack Obama’s “100,000 Strong” initiative, the new Wanxiang Fellows Program will send 12-20 Northwestern students to China to work on one of the world’s most important challenges: the development of sustainable green energy technologies. This competitive fellows program consists of three phases. As part of the preparatory phase at Northwestern in the Spring Quarter prior to travel, students will be introduced to environmental and sustainability studies and will visit the Wanxiang America Corporation headquarters in Elgin, Ill.

During the abroad phase, Wanxiang Fellows will spend one month completing two full-credit courses with other Northwestern students in Beijing. Afterwards students will continue their studies at Wanxiang Polytechnic in Hangzhou. Along with language study, they will learn about clean energy science from researchers at Wanxiang Corporation, and will go on various experiential field trips (i.e. solar manufacturing plant, electric vehicle battery factory, and energy storage stations) for a full two weeks. Upon returning to Northwestern University, the third phase, the students will report on their experience.

To learn more, contact International Program Development (IPD) at 847-467-6953 or ipd@northwestern.edu or visit their website.

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