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Daniel Kilduff

Daniel Kilduff

Daniel Kilduff

Cluster Fellowship Year: 2013-2014

Department/Program: JD/MBA

School: Kellogg School of Management / School of Law

Status of studies: Completed Three Year Program

Faculty Advisor: David Dana 

Focus of my research/studies:

My academic and professional interest is the nexus of energy finance, law/policy, and innovation. In essence I am curious how to deploy new energy technologies at scale, and the role of government, if any, to ensure that the energy markets can develop and that externalized costs and benefits are internalized in the process.

I have been working in finance for the last year at Morgan Stanley, and just moved to Houston where I am working in finance with energy clients.

Brief personal history:

I have always interested in the production and consumption patterns of energy, and understanding how we can meet the global growing energy demand and the need to decrease our carbon production. As an undergraduate and master’s student I studied economics and American and International policy with a focus on the geopolitics of energy. Professionally, I worked as consultant looking at the cost impacts of renewable portfolio standards as well general organizational and strategy consulting. In 2009 I joined the Obama Administration at the White House Council on Environmental Quality’s Energy and Climate Change team that worked to put a price on carbon emissions as well as working on grid modernization, natural resource development, and transportation markets. Since coming back to school I have done work with an energy vc, energy startups, and finance.

Why I was interested in becoming an ISEN Fellow:

The ISEN Fellowship brings together a diverse mix of graduate students with different backgrounds and interests, but who are all working to better understand how to find energy solutions.


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